PhD-initiated master classes


The main goal of PhD candidate-initiated master classes is to allow for an in depth discussion of a topic of interest. As ONWAR mainly offers introductory courses, master classes will represent an opportunity to dig deeper in more specialized and advanced topics and methods.


The PhD candidate invites a guest of interest, and a few selected colleagues with an interest in the topic. The specific master class structure can be decided between the host and the guest. It could for instance contain short introductory talks from all participants followed by a discussion or a question and answer session based on material previously distributed. The master class could, but does not have to, be preceded by a general talk from the guest, open to a broader audience.


The host PhD candidate has the responsibility to:


max 3 hours
the host PhD candidate will be credited 10 hours for their ONWAR training program, attendees will be credited 3 hours (in the ONWAR neuroscience category)


Min 5-max 9 PhD candidates plus the guest. No PhD supervisors are allowed to join, in order to stimulate direct discussion between the guest and the PhD candidates.


on-site or online, based on circumstances and needs. If online, we recommend to have a camera-on meeting to facilitate interactions.


An ONWAR PhD candidate can organize a maximum of 1 master class for each PhD year.


There may be costs associated with organizing the master class (e.g. the guest’s travel expenses and accommodation). Organizers are encouraged to seek funding within their own department. If this is not available, they can reach out to their institute’s ONWAR director to discuss the possibilities. PhD candidates may also organize a master class with a guest lecturer that is already scheduled to visit the institute.

If you want to organize an ONWAR master class, please reach out to the ONWAR coordinator
(Kim Hubregtse

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