Course Overview

ONWAR organizes courses on several topics, which are listed below. You can click on the course to go to the course page where you can find more information. You can find an overview of which courses are scheduled when under Time Schedule. Make sure to have a look at the ONWAR Training Program, and the template Training and Supervision Plan when deciding what courses to take.

ONWAR PhDs can also follow courses organized by other institutes. as part of their ONWAR training program. Some resources are included at the bottom of this page. If you want to include non-ONWAR courses in your training program, contact the ONWAR coordinator (

ONWAR courses

ONWAR master classes

Links to resources on (inter)national courses

FENS schools

Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies

Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory Courses

European School of Neuroimmunology

International Astrocyte School

Radboud Summer Schools

Cajal Advanced Neuroscience Training

Donders Toolkits

Summer School NIN

ISN-JNC Flagship School (Neurochemistry)


EMBO-events (courses and workshops)

Helmholtz Institute

SPM course

FSL course

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